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Kent County Domestic Violence Community Coordinated Response Team
The Domestic Violence Community Coordinated Response Team (DVCCRT) is a multi-disciplinary team of local professionals who work in the field of domestic violence prevention, domestic violence intervention, law, education, healthcare, and the faith community. Participation in this group is open to any community member.
The mission of DVCCRT is to cooperate, coordinate, and collaborate on all community efforts and levels to eliminate domestic violence.
Domestic violence cannot be solved by one person or one agency alone. Success is defined through a team approach that includes members from the community working together to address this epidemic. The DVCCRT creates a space that allows for open discussion of difficult cases, problem solving to better serve victims, discussion of more effective and accountable services for perpetrators, collaboration among agencies, creation of sub-committees to address particular concerns, and discussion of ideas on how to increase awareness of domestic violence and its devastating effects on our community.
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Healing Hands
Hand Planting The Healing Path
The Healing Path: A guide for Survivors of Domestic Abuse is a guide that was written for women abused in an intimate relationship. This guide includes information on domestic abuse, the legal system, and community resources.